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Technology LINDA SRL is a company specializing in technological developments applied to the recovery of the body mobility through robotic devices. Founded by two Phd. in computer science is oriented to research and development applied, where innovation is the added value.




Our goal is to keep the technological capacity to produce devices at the highest level, will seek added value multidisciplinary regional impact on sectors related to metallurgy and computer.

Our company shares a commitment to local development, and passion for quality and technology. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage complex projects and to integrate the latest technology in all fields related to our products: metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, computer and systems.



Providing solutions in robotics and computer science applied to our clients, nationally and internationally, constantly researching and developing innovative technology while maintaining the highly skilled workforce to meet the challenges posed projects Research & Development & Innovation (R + D + I ) current.


Our commitment

The social commitment of the company is to contribute to sustainable human development, through manufacturing and marketing of devices that facilitate the social integration of people with disabilities.

Those who manufacture RealWalker believe that our technical expertise involves a responsibility to work for the benefit of humanity and contribute to sustainable development of our region.


 What do?

Design and construction of robotic devices applied to: disability, training, education, mobility, or transportation.

RealWalker is a research project, where all technologies are tested, where the meterials are tested and analyzed, where production lines of the devices are developed, where the control software are developed and tested, etc.

Lazaro Para-Gym Walker is the business line of the company that allows the user to use the technology in a device of passive training of the lower limbs for gait recovery.

Lazaro Para-Gym is an exclusive line of gyms for people with walking difficulties due to motor problems in the lower limbs.


Nelson Acosta

Nelson Acosta


Socio Fundador. Ingeniero de Sistemas de la UNICEN (Tandil). Doctor Ingeniero Informático de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (España). Director de más de 50 proyectos de I+D+i. Docente e investigador de la UNICEN. Profesor Titular. Informático especialista en robótica, navegación autónoma, sistemas de tiempo real, y sensores

Juan Toloza

Juan Toloza


Socio Fundador. Ingeniero de Sistemas de la UNICEN (Tandil). Doctor en Ciencias Informáticas de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina). Docente e investigador de la UNICEN. Empresario del 2015 según la CAME. Distinguido entre los 10 más renombrados jóvenes por la JCI. Informático especialista en robótica, posicionamiento, y sensores.

Maxi Acosta

Maxi Acosta


Lic. en Administración de Empresas (UNICEN). Magister en Administración de Negocios (MBA). Propietario de PROMOVA. Consultora de Negocios. Consultor Senior Marketing. Especialista en asesoramiento y gestión integral de negocios.

Sergio Trípodi

Sergio Trípodi


Socio. Emprendedor en inversiones tecnológicas. Especialista en RRHH y asistencia en el uso de los equipos.

Alejandro Cruz

Alejandro Cruz


Ing. en Sistemas de la Universidad Nacional de Chilecito. Realizando Doctorado en Informática. Especialista en desarrollo web y sistemas de control embebido.